Tina Oelker is a german artist based in Hamburg.

Tina Oelker lives and works in Hamburg since 1995.

At the age of fifteen, she takes lessons in modern painting in her hometown Hamm-Westphalia. She works with an Italian avant-gardist in Portofino and studies illustration, painting and design in New York and Hamburg. During her studies she opens her first producer gallery in Hamburg with the „Sch├╝tzenfest“: Durchgang. In 2004 she completes her diploma with the motive of the wild hare.

2007 – 2014 the hare is her oeuvre and finds its place as „Hasenmanufaktur Hamburg, 1000 hare – limited edition“ at the port of Hamburg as her first overall project. At the same place she lays with Hafentor 7 in the years 2010 to 2015, her second producer gallery. From 2015 Oelker returns to abstraction. She also lends to lyric and publishes „The Leporello 2016“ and the first „Magazineforthearts“ in 2018. Since end of 2017 she invites to social evenings where visitors become part of the game. In 2019 the „Magazineforthearts N ┬░ 01,235“ is released and the „Gesellschaftsabende“ continue every second month.

The relation to the hunt, the Greek mythology, as well as to the interplay of the sexes – already with the motive of the hare in a nutshell – had to be bundled now. At the age of forty-five, Oelker therefore closes circles of her artistic development and overpaints many of her works in the act of creative destruction. The result is „25 Farben Stockholm“. In 2020 Oelker takes the hare out of the hat for the third time and brings the entire work to a conclusion.